TICOS Projects

Lifecycle diagram

We are working to establish a wide range of projects in tourism destinations throughout the world in which to use the income generated from offsetting. These projects will make a significant contribution to reducing and offsetting the amount of carbon emitted by the travel and tourism industry, at the same time generating socio-economic and environmental benefits for local communities. TICOS projects are currently listed in four categories depending on their status in our validation process:

TICOS projects are currently listed in three categories depending on their status in our validation process:

  1. Projects undergoing validation
  2. Projects that have completed validation and are ready to accept funding
  3. Active projects that have received funding
  4. Completed projects

At any moment we may also have a number of other projects which have expressed an interest in joining our scheme and are currently in the process of completing the TICOS application.

To view the process that TICOS uses from initial project selection through to final monitoring, please download our Project Lifecycle Diagram (pdf file).

In all cases TICOS attempts to find and or develop projects which will have a direct appeal to customers of its sevice users.  This is relatively easy for small specialist companies with either a specific type of product (e.g. skiing) or with one destination. For companies with a broader portfolio, TICOS recommends that the company should consider a range of projects covering its overall interests and geographical territory. TICOS is also able to allow smaller businesses the option of part-funding projects.

We also recommend that the project selection should provide a balance of renewable energy, CO2 reduction and landscape and community improvements which together give a significant carbon offset value in terms of CO2 price per tonne and generate wider sustainable benefits. 

Our projects include ideas for:

As TICOS hopes to improve the lives of those people living in tourism-dependent areas, projects must also show socio-economic benefits for local communities before they are accepted. Examples of how TICOS achieves this may be viewed at our Changing Lives page.

Each project is carefully evaluated and if accepted will be offered for funding to TICOS service users. Once funding has been agreed, each project is monitored through to completion and its progress updated on this website.   The current status of each of our projects is shown in this projects section. Thus any company contributing to a project is able to monitor exactly how its money is being spent.

All and any contacts with project proposers must be through the TICOS office.